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Established in 2002, TAC is an online all generation firebird community dedicated to the preservation of the Pontiac firebird and its heritage.  TAC is a family oriented site that is free to use.  If you are still looking for your dream firebird, have had one in the past or are lucky enough to own one these cars that defined a generation then you have found a site meant just for you.

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TAC welcomes 2 new sponsors

VFN has been a part of racing history since starting in ’1969. It all started with two brothers that were into drag racing,and needed to lighten up their car. So they made their own fiberglass parts. It wasnt long before other racers were asking for parts of their own, Now over 40years later VFN is still working hard to produce the quality fiberglass, that racers and enthusiasts alike have come to expect with every purchase.

Vist VFN today and let them know we appreciate them supporting TAC!


In the 2005 animated movie Robots an optimistic bot named Rodney sought out his dream of being an inventor.  His idol was a famous inventor named Bigweld who was known for his “See a need Fill a need” moto.  As the movie unfolds we learn that Bigweld tried to help the masses, but was over run by big business and the masses were forced to upgrade to next years model or be sent to the chop shop.  6LE is the Rodney of today where our firebirds are concerned.  The founder of the company has this philosphy on the home page.

“This is the business that never should have been. It all started because someone started a thread seeing who else would be interested in getting splitters made for our cars. I was interested but no one ever stepped up to make it for us, so I did.

See a need, Fill a need.  Visit 6LE today and see what you’ve been missing.

Nationwide Auto Transport provides door-to-door, open and enclosed, fully insured auto transport services across the United States. Get easy online car transport quotes or call 800-689-6498.

How many times have you wishe someone would make a vintage pontiac wheel in a larger size? Wish no more! Year One has stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park with these new 17x9 Honeycombs. They also offer 17x9 Snowflakes for you late 2nd gen fans.


With four locations across the United States, NPD is never far away. They Serve your needs for all major brands and models. TAC sponsor since 2003