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Lobby / Re: See any old Pontiacs?
« Last post by Y88 TA on Today at 03:31:43 PM »
20210724_141811 by Keith Howse, on Flickr

Spotted this today in my travels.
Lobby / Re: Today I... "Redux Edition"
« Last post by scarebird on Today at 03:21:24 PM »
Parked car in shop after cars-n-coffee this morning.  Noted puddle under left front - now what?

"What" turned out to be master cylinder going out; this is an aluminum unit but even they do not last forever...  ordered a new one.  Topped off master and drove home where it will stay until new part arrives.  Trans Am driver's window having issues - ordered window blocks off Etsy earlier so will try the strict factory method of alignment.
Lobby / Re: Daughter pic’d us at the pumps
« Last post by 72projectbird on Today at 02:34:05 PM »
What color is the interior? 

I vote gold decals! White and gold TAs are super classy looking.
Lobby / Re: Today I... "Redux Edition"
« Last post by 5th T/A on Today at 01:30:17 PM »
Probably less people driving under influence nowadays. But the percentage of distracted drivers is way up there.

I retired about three years ago, when I was working, I easily would drive 1000 miles a week. Sometimes 500-600 a day. I saw people of all ages texting while driving. Even a lot of professional truck drivers. If I saw a vehicle that was having trouble staying in their lane, usually they were staring at their phone. Add the increased traffic congestion and higher traffic speeds, it makes for more dangerous conditions. I try to give myself more space from other vehicles, but on congested roads that is not easy. I love motorcycles and used to take a lot of cross country trips. I haven’t taken a long trip in seven years. Now most of my riding is in fairly rural areas with considerably less traffic and congestion. As tajoe said you have to be a very defensive driver and 100% focused on what is going on around you.
Electrical / Re: Water Temperature Gauge 1979 Trans Am
« Last post by formula jg on Today at 12:04:29 PM »
I tested the gauge by grounding the sending unit wire and no movement on the gauge needle, is there a gauge fix (searched all over several forums with no luck)?
Lobby / Re: Spotted!!! Any year of bird
« Last post by tajoe on Today at 10:52:51 AM »
Very unique, but I've always preferred a hatchback. (But hey...that's just me)
Lobby / Re: Today I... "Redux Edition"
« Last post by tajoe on Today at 10:48:43 AM »
Today I these last few posts. And can agree that some of the public, just shouldn't be driving. "Especially" with all these new cell phone distraction. In my days as a youngster, people were driving high and loaded, quite often, leading to some serious accidents. I'm sure there's still some of that going on, but I'll bet these new phones "FAR" out-weigh anything from the past.
Defensive driving is a must today. Some time in the distant future, maybe the people won't be allowed to drive anymore, and public transportation will become the norm...again.
Lobby / Re: Spotted!!! Any year of bird
« Last post by blue81ta on Today at 09:48:00 AM »
Don't see many of these.
Thanks "Not a T/A".  Great insight!!
Interior / Plastic Conditioner
« Last post by Gene-73 on Today at 08:50:14 AM »
Any recommendations for a good interior plastic conditioner? I've read reviews that say good things about Aerospace 303, has anyone used it?

I've thoroughly cleaned my dash and it looks relatively good but I'm thinking it could be better with some conditioner. Plus would probably benefit from some UV protection.
Also, what happens if you use plastic conditioner on interior parts that have been SEM painted?
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