Year One 17″ Snowflake Wheels

YearOne continues to expand on its line of updated classic muscle car wheels, this time turning attention to an iconic Pontiac offering. The original “Snowflake” wheel was offered in 15” diameters for 1977-81 Firebirds and Trans Ams. There were two designs of the snowflake with the biggest difference being the width.  The earlier design had a 7″ width, while the second design featured an 8″ width.  The 8″ width proved to be very popular and continues to be a favorite among Firebird and Trans Am enthusiasts.  Back in the day that extra inch was a huge advantage in terms of looks and the ability to run a larger tire for performance.  By todays standards a wheel greater then 15″ is needed, but you would have to lose that classic look.

YearOne solves these problems by introducing their new cast-aluminum Snowflake wheel in modern 17”x9” sizing. The wheels feature three accent color choices of silver, black and gold.  Each color is powder-coated for durability, and have 4.7/8” backspacing to ensure a proper fit on 1970-81-vintage F-bodies. The wheels accept the original center caps, and use standard conical-seat lug nuts.

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