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Western NC
« on: August 05, 2021, 04:54:15 PM »
Hey all. Logged on and hadn't been on here in a while, and thought WTF? LOL....looks like we got a revamp and upgrade to the board. I live in Candler, NC, and wife and I have a 77 Trans Am SE. Always a local car, not rusty and it's all there! That needs to be blown apart and undergo a full restoration. I have a 78 Trans Am SE that I bought for a parts car for the 77, but just can't make myself junk it out because it's fixable. Also have a 79 Trans Am SE that is a parts car that I drug in to get the disc brake rear end out of to put in the 77. I guess y'all have figured out by my screen name that I'm pretty much a Mopar guy! I have plenty of them too, but won't bore you with the non Poncho It's safe to say that I have plenty to do car wise after I retire next year.


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Re: Western NC
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No revamp but a crash, a lot of content was lost but we are working on it.

Regards, Jack

Re: Western NC
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