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Air Filters
« on: August 11, 2019, 09:28:59 AM »
I did a test on my 78 to see if there was a performance difference between the AC Delco paper filter and a K&N. The paper filter was the clearcut winner believe it or not. The hoodscoop on my TA is open and it still has the snorkel on the driver side. I noticed that with the aircleaner lid on with either air filter - they're both 14" wide X 3" tall there is only about 1/8" space for air to squeeze between the hoodscoop & aircleaner lid to go into the filter. I was wondering if anyone has gotten the paper filter for 70 - 72 TAs and put one of these on a late 70s TA with an open scoop like mine if there was a performance improvement over the one specified for my car? The early 70s ones with the functioning hoodscoop are 13" wide X 2 1/2" tall which means there would be more room between the hoodscoop & aircleaner lid for air to get into the filter. My gut is telling me yes because the late 70s TAs only got air from the snorkel that goes down the fender & that's why they're 3" tall rather than 2 1/2".
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Re: Air Filters
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If it's an inch smaller in diameter, it wouldn't fit in your air cleaner, would it?
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Re: Air Filters
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