Author Topic: my 1969 Camaro and other "F" bodies and cars  (Read 2860 times)


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my 1969 Camaro and other "F" bodies and cars
« on: October 21, 2012, 10:07:10 PM »
Sadly we're down to one 2nd Gen currently, but I have several other cars.

1979 Formula WS6 Silver, 301 4 Barrel, 4 speed, 11,000 miles, original paint, interior, untouched car

1969 Camaro SS396, it sits as a bare shell right now, but I have everything to finish it except money.

Cowl tag: X22 D80 (factory big block SS car with deluxe trim pkg, and front & rear spoilers)
Sliver with Deluxe Red interior and Black vinyl top

I have a solid shell with minimal rust, and the parts listed below

NOS GM full quarter panels, inner and outer wheel houses
NOS GM rear tail panel
NOS GM front fenders
NOS GM cowl hood, and correct functional ducted air cleaner
NOS GM header, valance
NOS GM Grill and headlight buckets and bezels
NOS GM front and rear spoilers
NOS GM every marker, bezel, emblem, chrome trim
NOS GM door handles, weatherstrip
NOS GM fuel tank, 4 core radiator, core support
NOS GM bumpers and bumper guards
NOS GM dual mirrors
NOS GM rocker trim, wheel well moldings

Perfect front inner fenders and supports, every nut and bolt, every piece of trim
Every piece of suspension and steering, every piece of brake system
Complete redone deluxe interior, seats, door panels and trim
NOS GM Tachometer and gauges
Tilt steering column and deluxe wheel
Original parts for 4 speed or auto trans and consoles

A 502/502 crate motor
A TCI Turbo 400 transmission with trans brake, 3500 stall convertor
A correct Moser 12 bolt rear end and several gear ratios, posi's and spools

I have not bought headers and exhaust yet, or wheels and tires
I have so many parts I'm sure I forgot some of them
Other wise I have everything to put the car together except money, lol

1965 Malibu with SS trim, original paint still but faded - Artesian Turquoise, zero rust
...66,000 original miles, factory tach & gauges, correct 12 bolt 4.10 posi

1970 Nova 350 Vortec motor with ZZ4 cam, turbo 350, 3.73 posi, car is beat up and a little bit ugly but solid, nicknamed "FrankenNova"
...94,000 miles green, A/C, over 5000 passes at the track 12.60's in the qtr

1972 Nova SS ZZ4 385 Fastburn, Turbo 350, 4000 stall, 4.56 posi
...repo 15 X 7 and 15 X 8 SS wheels, MT drag radials
...Blue with black vinyl top and center Baldwin Motion stripe, A/C, 28,000 original miles has gone 11.84@113mph full weight
...just finishing adding an Edelbrock Eaton Supercharger, car runs and drives but needs final tuning before going to the track

video of car on motor racing my sons Camaro:

video in car of supercharger:

1999 Formula Red w/GM WS6 hood, 80,000 miles, 2800 stall, 3.73, Mac headers, Tune, 12.28 in qtr

1999 Camaro Z28 Pewter w/GM SS hood and SS spoiler, 80,000 miles, 3500 stall, 4.10, Mac headers, Tune, 12.29 in qtr
... has just been converted to a factory 6 speed, can not tell it never wasn't, and purchasing a Big LS3 motor from Texas Speed in the works

2001 Formula Navy Blue Metallic hardtop w/GM WS6 hood and Airbox from day one (cause you couldn't get a WS6 Formula in '01 or '02), 50,000 miles
... ported 243 Z06 heads, cam, headers, 4000 stall, Moser 12 bolt 3.73, Weld wheels, Tune, roll cage w/full interior & full weight ................................................................  ... 11.0's@120mph 1.47/60ft  video:

2001 NHRA Special Edition Formula, 1 of 145 made, Black, a real Firehawk hood, SLP Y-pipe and Lid, 3500 convertor, Z06 cam (idles stock)
... 33,000 miles, Factory chrome wheels, stock 3.23 gears, stock Int. & Exh. manifolds, Tune, 12.15@112mph 1.76/60ft  27.2 mpg still

2001 Trans Am WS6 Navy Blue Metallic, 6 speed, 40,000 miles, SLP Loudmouth exhaust, headers and 4.10's coming

2002 Firehawk Silver, 6 speed, all Pontiac options and SLP options (traction control, Hurst shifter, 12 CD stacker
... IROC spoiler, Auburn rearend, Bistein suspension, Chrome wheels, 345 HP with Blackwing, Dual Dual exhaust, portfoilio..etc)
... 22,000 miles, stock 12.97, added GM 4.30 gears 12.66 in qtr

2009 Cobalt SS, loaded, 35,000 miles, Cold Air Intake, Catless down pipe and 25.5 lbs of boost, lays 100 feet of rubber from a 40 roll-fun!

All cars are street legal, insured and driven often, all stock parts are retained, mostly just bolt-ons.


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- Aaron (son) & Paul (dad)
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Re: my 1969 Camaro and other "F" bodies and cars
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2012, 12:31:50 AM »'ve got more than one headache there, lol.

That 69 Camaro sounds like it'll be a real beaut! Love the colour should disguise the 502 to look like a 396 under the hood...that'd wake a few people up.

Sydney, Australia
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Re: my 1969 Camaro and other "F" bodies and cars
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2012, 12:31:50 AM »
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