Author Topic: 1980 Y84 WS6 non matching project pontiac 400  (Read 423 times)


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1980 Y84 WS6 non matching project pontiac 400
« on: June 24, 2019, 09:09:33 PM »
Hi Guys, As i had mentioned before I bought a beat 1980 TA and I bought it because it was cheap, solid (mostly) and had the pontiac 400, obviously not original. I have lots of 400 parts and thats the motor I know and love. I have a real nice numbers matching gto, and this TA is intended to be a fun budget driver. I have an I phone that wont take a charge, that has tons of progress pictures and hope to get them out of it soon. At first glance this car was a real rat, what a mess. I didnt know what color it was between the sanded metal starting to rust, spray bomb gray primer and faded black factory paint.The grills in the front were actually ripped out, which seemed very odd, the screws still had the fragments behind each torques screw. Was someone hiding something? Theres a story behind each car..lol..  Ill upload some pictures tomorrow. The plan was to slam it together and blast around with it. There is some rust in the driver rear floor pan (not to bad) and the radiator support had been eaten by battery acid along with some of the front driver fender and wheel well. The guy I bought the car from was talking like it had ice cold air and was a cream puff, yeah right. It barley ran off the flat bed, all sanded to bare metal, smashed windshield, no door panels, no carpet or no drivers glass, 14" rusty cheap ass wheels. Water and wildlife had been getting in and animals sleeping in there, haha. It was in such ugly condition when I seen it in person, I  banished it to my parents garage about 30 miles from my home, it was embarrassing. Then....2 years later.. I got the itch, had it towed to my house and dove right in.

 I was thinking along the lines of a resto mod, and always loved the bandit move. I have some AMG Mercedes seats I was considering installing them and in preparation of the floor pan repair, I pulled the factory seats. The seats, legs & tracks were in rough shape. I tossed the amg seat in there for reference and it looked good. I had already pulled both doors, rebuild the hinges, pulled the deck lid, primed with ppg epoxy, then polyester ppg primer with some block sanding. Solid doors and deck lid, no rust! The shell is also in excellent shape only needing sanding and priming,  the factory quarter panels are mint. I tuned the pontiac 400 purring rumble. Coincidentally I found some really nice  8" snowflake wheels with gold center caps on craigslist not realizing the match the car.
Then I pulled the nose, fenders and wheel well along with the radiator support. Installed new bushings and epoxy primed and Eastwood 2 k chassis black on all the under hood stuff. Then i was reading on this site about the build sheet locations and got curious. I ripped out the rear seat and found it was a Y84, WS6 with AC and deluxe cloth etc. Hmmmm..With respect to Burt Reynolds and the snowman,  I began to reconsider the build.I began to think a black SE, with Deluxe cloth and t tops would be a decent driver with the 400. I just ordered the seat covers and door panels from legendary interiors along with the ACC carpet with the Mass backing. Now the body is 100 percent together...... to be continued


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Re: 1980 Y84 WS6 non matching project pontiac 400
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2019, 10:08:32 PM »
Well, I mean, aight sounds like you're already halfway done haha, slamming down a lotta cash on it too by the sounds of it.
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Re: 1980 Y84 WS6 non matching project pontiac 400
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2019, 11:06:02 PM »
Wow sounds like your way into it definitely sounds like your past the halfway point! When you get the phone issue figured out we would love to see it.


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Re: 1980 Y84 WS6 non matching project pontiac 400
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2019, 07:19:35 AM »
Like the story, cant wait to see pics. The original grilles on those cars are def. a weak point. They most likely just disintegrated from age.
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Re: 1980 Y84 WS6 non matching project pontiac 400
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