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I wanted to take a moment to go over suspension again, there are still many misconceptions about what works and what it does, how much to spend. People call the shop and are more confused than ever.
There is so much advertising about how some products will make your car fly like an eagle as long as you change everything on your car and spend 20K-50K.
Bottom line, advertising pressure make people second guess their common sense.
I speak strictly of second gen GM F-bodies in this case, the front suspension on these cars is as good as any for a performance car, a little heavy but that can be addressed but the geometry can be made as good as a C5 Corvette with little effort or cost, the rear leaf spring system is also very good and can be upgraded at little cost and effort, yes I again will harp on bolt in link rear suspension, if you want flash and bling and barging rights about how much you spent on your car have at it but it's a wast of time and money they do not perform any better and in many cases worst than leaf springs.
The ONLY reason someone will say their new link suspension is so much better than the leaf springs is because they are comparing to their 40 year old broke down old stock springs that were too soft in the first place and with bad shocks.

Next is some of the awful sway bars that are available, when I see front sway bars that cost nearly $400 for hollow bars that are so thin that the bends are collapsing and are not any stiffer than a stock 1 1/8" bar and some wible woble end link that wears out in 5K miles or rear hollow bars that have 20" long swing arms it makes me cringe. ALL Trans Ams came with solid 1 1/4 front bars why would anyone replace it with a bar that is LESS effective for almost $400 when all you need to make your stock bar even better for less than $50!? buy replacing the end links and bushings. Not to mention that hollow bars have much less tire clearance and the stock GM as as much clearance as the best aftermarket bar.
I was at a shop with a T/A getting exhaust work done both front and rear bars were replaced with hollow ones $700 worth and they are not as good as the factory bars the owner took off!!

The all mighty "LOWER MY RIDE" I should start a tv show, from coil overs to cut soft stock springs, IT DON"T WORK (sorry for the bad grammar) there is physics and math involved here.

How to approach your suspension, firs identify what is worn out, unfortunately these cars are getting old and are in many cases in need of everything, the only thing that does not wear out are coil springs (but they do break), leaf spring bend and break, so first is look into all the steering components, ball joints and bushings, check for broken springs, new shocks, but if you want to upgrade the suspension keep shocks off the list until a choice has been made on the springs, remember bushings also have a effect on every aspect of the suspension.
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