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301 dipstick question
« on: January 06, 2016, 09:10:06 PM »
iam restoring my trans am and it has a 301 engine in it i have stripped the engine bare and it has been away getting ultrasonicly cleand and both heads skimmed and block ultrasonacly cleand and skimmed turned out the bores were worn and crank was reground got plus 30 oversized pistons plus 10 main bearings an crankshaft bearings everything is basaclly build back up but i have a problem. i cant remember about the dipstick im 95% sure it never had a lower dipstick tube fitted but on looking at mine it looks like there is a lower tube missing the bit i have is upper tube on inspection there appeared to be a rubber o ring missing i had a box of o ring so fitted the one that was most likley to work in the groove. ok bare in mind the rear of the engine is not built up yet the flywheel is still off so on putting dipstick into the hole at the back of the block down into the hole at the bottom of the block which would be hidden behind the flywheel but i can see it i put the dipstick in this hole it fits no problem. but i still think this lower tube is missing maybe im wrong but i have this feeling that something is just not right. i remember when i stripped engine there was no tube sticking down from block to sump and as i took it to the engeneers shop i laid the black flat on some black bags to take to shop if that lower tube was there i would of crushed bu laying it flat. my question is if i do need this lower tube will i have to take sump back of to fit this as its all sealed up bare in mind flywheel is of and i can see the hole from the back can it be fitted that way i take it it fits by tapping it in the hole and ut a uniformed fit.

please helf as i want this build finished


301 dipstick question
« on: January 06, 2016, 09:10:06 PM »
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