Author Topic: HELP finding red 1973 Trans Am sold / stolen from Terry Spear in Columbia TN  (Read 1904 times)


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I need the help of the local area, the Pontiac community & more the people here who know these cars to help find my Red 1973 Trans Am 4 speed manual. The VIN # is 2V87Y3N141428. It was stolen at Terry Spear's car restoration shop at 307 West 11th Street Columbia TN. We went there with the police to get our car back but once we got there we discovered the car was gone. When questioned by the police Terry Spear said he "put it outside one day & someone must have stolen it" but he didn't know anything about it (the owner of a restoration shop put a car outside then didn't know it went missing....). When the officer cross referenced the eye witnesses living across the street they never saw any red car at the shop place outside. When we asked to take the remaining parts home, Terry Spear said they were all in the car when he moved it outside & they must have been stolen too. The major parts include the following:

original #'s matching completely rebuilt 455 (carb to pan) WW or WT code & 141428 for the vin
original 4 spd & hurst shifter side case 3925661 & vin 141428
original 10 bolt
red trans am fenders
red trans am hood
red shaker scoop
red nose
rechromed rear bumper
restored 15" Rally II wheels with new BFG radial TA's size 245/60-15
TA bezel & gauges
restored AC unit
all the glass

The last official picture we have of the car is by Tom Hart in June 2013 for a Pontiacs of Tennessee article. He went to Terry's shop to do an article on him & luckily snapped a pic as well as mentioned it. It can be found here:

When questioned by the police Terry said it was just a rolling shell & there was nothing in the car but clearly you can see there was from the picture. The police report also stated that Terry contradicted himself on this point as well.

After posting multile ads a few people have come forward saying they saw the car listed FOR SALE on CL back in mid 2013!!!

I have searched Craig's List & found some of his parts he posts there but so far none were from the TA from what I could see in the pics. He also sells on eBay so please keep your eyes out there as well.

I do not have much left after paying him thousands over the years to finish the car but I been able to put together a small $1000 reward for any information that would bring an arrest regarding this case OR a recovery of parts over $1000. If you or anyone you know has purchased a firebird shell or parts from Terry Spear since June 2013 PLEASE contact myself of Sergeant Michael Kash of the Columbia TN Police dpt at 931-982-0299

Thank you all very very much with anything you can do to help me catch the person responsible!


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How do you put a motor in the car to store outside! Most likely he has the 455 stashed somewhere and hopefully he did not chop the rest of the car up for parts. Stories like this make me sick hopefully someone on here can help, good luck.

Regards, Jack