Author Topic: LMPerformance product and parts. Beware!!  (Read 4542 times)


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LMPerformance product and parts. Beware!!
« on: November 28, 2014, 05:02:57 PM »
After purchase of hundreds of parts for my TA, I've run across an online vendor that everyone should consider avoiding.  It is http://www.LMPerformance.com  I purchased a set of Pypes electronic cutouts.  I unfortunately ordered the wrong size and needed 2.5" instead of 3" and advised them of my mistake.  In trying to either get an exchange or a refund via numerous written requests, LM Performance lied to PayPal and the manufacturer (Pypes) advising I broke parts, and then sent extremely rude emails and accusations to PayPal, Pypes and myself.  It's really been messy.  I've never had an issue with any other vendor, and there are many, in obtaining parts, exchanging or refunds for my TA.  I'm hoping Pypes will step up and help me obtain the correct application.  As for LM Performance, stay clear if you can.  Below is an email this vendor sent me.  It is totally false.  I requested a refund after numerous attempts to receive a RMA.  They did not honor their on line policy for refunds or exchanges.  Note how this individual makes up a scenario to avoid the return.  I' sure many have been happy with their purchases with them, but be cautious.  This is another on-line, drop ship vendor what will not give out phone numbers and critical contact information, especially if it doesn't suite them.

-------- Original message --------
From: Returns LMPerformance
Date:11/28/2014 6:55 AM (GMT-08:00)
To: 'Pete Schuerhoff'
Cc: "'Dave G @ Pypes Exhaust'"
Subject: RE: RETURN 436490

wow really a chargeback ?? happy thanks giving to you too! can't even try to spend time with my family without you trying to commit fraud, did not even give me a chance to get the return instructions from pypes… ok well now its NON RETURNABLE as you already BROKE it….. so you can ignore the email with the return RMA in it as it is no longer valid.
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Re: LMPerformance product and parts. Beware!!
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2014, 05:27:11 PM »
Something does not add up.  Are we getting the entire story?

It sounds like the seller is a little pissed off that maybe he was sent a number of emails from you before he got a chance to respond?  Although that doesn't give him the right to lie about them being broken.

Before I write any more.  Please tell us more.


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Re: LMPerformance product and parts. Beware!!
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2014, 09:19:23 AM »
I would think that the last thing a company (whether ran from someone's basement in their pjs or well known company like Summit Racing, etc) would ever want to do is 'sabotage' their vendor relationships (Pypes) or Paypal with sending 'extremely rude emails and accusations'.  Did you go through your credit card company to get your money back? (hence the 'chargeback' stated in the email).  I'd give them a call and see if something can be resolved (the website does have a phone# for 'orders only' but I would use it anyway).  


Good luck!
EDIT: According to reviews here, looks like LMPerformance has screwed up in similar fashion...

Quoted from:

"WORST COMPANY EVER! I ordered a set of fog lights and they were melting the day after they were installed so I contacted lmperformace and was told to fill out a return form. I filled one out and didn't hear back. I filled another one out and didn't hear back. Thankfully I paid with paypal so I opened a dispute and since that puts a hold on the money, they finally answered. They sent a nasty email outside of our paypal conversation saying "thanks for the chargeback" which leads you to believe that this company is run by 3-4 people in someones house. They gave me a label to ship back because I demanded it (since it wasn't my fault the product was crap) and I shipped it out ASAP. They received the package and I asked when I was getting my refund (the money was on hold by paypal still...they just had to approve it going back to me). They didn't answer. I asked them again and they didn't answer. I told them I would escalate the case to paypal and they didn't answer still. I DID escalate the case and got my full refund. (THANK YOU PAYPAL!!) DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY THEY WILL TRY TO RIP YOU OFF. This took over a month of my time!"
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Re: LMPerformance product and parts. Beware!!
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