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70-73 Camaro Full Rear Frame Rails - modify for 79 Formula?


I see that 70-73 Camaro full rear frame rails are being reproduced.  I'm tired of waiting for someone to reproduce full rails for late second gens.  I've been told that the only difference between the 70-73 Camaro parts and the later cars is where the frame rail meets the tail panel.  If that's correct, then I'm willing to modify the Camaro parts to use the later ends off my car.  Does anyone know if this information is accurate?  I'd rather modify the new rails than cut 30 year old used ones out of a parts car. 

I've dug into this enough that I'm pretty sure the 70-73 Camaro rails and the later 2nd gen rails are the same except for the tailpanel area.  So I'm going to go ahead and roll the dice to see for myself.

I'll do this in two steps.  I'll install the partial 74-81 frame rails first; they have a stepped area to help locate the front section of the part.  I won't weld the front of the partial rail at this point.

I'll then install the front section of the Camaro rails, using the stepped section of the new partial rail to help locate the new Camaro rail.

Unfortunately the parts cost will be somewhat high.  However, I don't feel good about my chances of finding a pristine parts car to obtain full rails.  At least this way I get new parts.

Sounds like a good plan.
If you've got the rails off, check the thickness of the skin in the bottom of the new repro 70-73 rails in the spot where they would have the rear sway bar attachment points bolted.
If they are correct repro's, then the bottom skin won't be re-inforced, like later model rails are, to take the screw on attachment points for the sway bar. Best off to have a look and reinforce the area before you fit the rails if it needs it.
Good luck with the project....measure twice, cut/weld once....  :lol:

Interested to see what you find, my rear rails are good on my 80, my drivers front however is rotten.

Please take lots of photos and post as you go or when done. sounds like some thing I might need to do to a car.  Hope it does what you need. 


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