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Edelbrock P4B vs. Performer series


I was thinking since I have owned the car that I have an Edelbrock Performer intake Manifold, but have since ran the numbers and realized that I have the P4B. From what I gather, it is an intake from the late 70's to 80's intake and that they flow similar to stock intakes.

Now my biggest concern is I want to know what or if there are any differences between the heights of these manifolds. I want to buy either the blocker or WFO drop base and need to know if there are any differences.


Did a little more searching and it looks like someone on the board said that the manifold that I have is the same height as stock, but flows worse!! So maybe the weight savings make up for the poor performance. Well anyway I think I can get a way without the drop base, but looks like I want to upgrade to the performer and drop base in the future for a little more performance.


The Performer is also the stock height, so doesn't require a dropped base. It is also no  better than a stock intake other than weight.

It's the Performer RPM that is taller, and provides some higher rpm power, and requires the dropped base.

Also, the P4B is a design from the 1960s, not the 1970-1980s. 

Im using the P4b intake for now and it is made for a square bore carb, i hade to run a spacer on it to use my Quadrajet carb so its a little taller than stock now.  also the thermostat bolt holes are in a diferent position causing my thermostat housing to be right up against my Alt.  Engine idles great, haven't driven it yet tho.      Stew.    


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