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reddy Heater 125T wont stay running


My space heater wont keep running, I am burning kerosene, it ignites just fine, but will only run for at most one minute, usualy less. Then the flame indicator light comes on and it goes out. I have to turn the switch off to reset it and then it will start up again and start the cycle over again. Anyone got any Ideas on what causes it to shut down right away?

we had one at work that did this. there was a filter in side where it picks its fuel up was the problem on it.

I'll have to check that out, thanks.

On alot of the little kero heaters (desa, reddy ect) they have a flameout control unit...the unit will light and run for a minute or so and then switch over to the flame sensor, the flame sensor sees the light of the flame and keeps the heater running. if the sensor is dirty or bad the heater will run for a moment and die

Mine does.the.same thing. I changed the filter and it still does it. All have to see where.this denver is.


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