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I finally got tired of changing out cheap walmart batteries on a yearly basis in my 97 TA so I went to Advance Auto yesterday and got an Optima red top. My question now is can I use a tipical battery tender on this battery or do I need something special to put on it over winter? I have two Craftsman 6/12 volt tenders and I also have a Black and Decker intellicharger that has a agm option that I currently have on it but I hate to have the cooling fan on it running all winter. Any insight from those of you with Optima batteries would be GREATLY appreciated before I go risking the life of a $160 battery.

Pats TA:
Maybe this site will answer you question.                         http://www.optimabatteries.com/product_support/charging.php

One of those car shows on Spike TV had a "new product" segment that talked about a new tender made just for Optima batteries. They also said you could trick a "normal" battery tender into charging an Optima by putting a regular wet cell battery wired inline with the Optima.

Yeah, you had to use a regular battery and connect the positve of the tender to the optima and take the negtive of the tender to the regular battery. I cant remember fully. I've had to quick charge my red top once.

FROM ANOTHER FORUM ......................................

This is direct from the Battery Minder Website FAQ link at VDC Electronics:

Q: Can I use model 12112 (12 volt BatteryMINDer) to charge and maintain my Optima batteries?
A: Yes, you can use it on Optima batteries for short periods (2-3 months) at a time. If you need to maintain your Optima batteries for longer periods, you should get the BatteryMINDer adjusted for Optima batteries. The Optima-adjusted BatteryMINDer floats 13.6 volts, and the regular 12 volt BatteryMINDer floats 13 volts. Note that once your BatteryMINDer has been adjusted to Optima batteries, you cannot use the unit on other types of batteries.

I guess it best to special order this Battery Minder from their site and have it "adjusted" for optimal Optima performance.


I made an official inquiry with Optima regarding the proper charger to use with their red top batteries. I am concerned about boiling the battery. Here is their reply:

Q. Do I have to use a special charger for my red top battery? I have it in a car that is not driven much. Can I use a Schumacher SE-5212-A charger set at 2 amps for maintenance free batteries? Will this damage the battery?

A. Any type of lead-acid battery charger with an automatic setting, it would be best to use a 2-10 amp charge on the battery. And the charger described [above] would work fine with the Optima Battery.

Please feel free to contact customer service at the number below if you
have any other questions. Thank you for your interest and support of
Optima Batteries.

Optima Batteries
Customer Service


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