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Quadrajet Fuel Leak



I recently raised my float level in a 79, 403 quadrajet because I was worried I wasnt getting enough gas.  I bought it from a builder who put the float level very low. 

I know that you measure the float level by measuring from the top of the main casting to the top of the float 3/16 of an inch from the back end.  This measurement should be 13/32''.

I am now getting fuel coming out by the accelerator pump.  Per the manuals, the float is perfect. 

Wondering if anyone else has encountered this (having to lower the float level below specs) or is there another reason I would see fuel near the accelerator pump.  Some of the fuel is coming from the accelerator pump.  Some of the fuel is getting squirted through a small outlet near the pump. 

Any help is much appreciated!  Thanks 

Maryland Bandit:
If you have fuel coming up the shaft hole on the accel pump, your airhorn gasket may be shot. I set the floats at 1/4" all day and have zero problems. Are you setting the float with the needle closed down on the seat? That makes a big difference in where the actual measurement is. Adjusting the float for fuel leaking means you have another problem elsewhere. 

What he said. I bet you kinked or tore the airhorn gasket getting it back together. If not, the level is a tad too high.

So the air horn gasket could be the culprit?  Probably the case then, though it looks ok to me.  I swap that out and give it another shot. 

When seating the needle, I push down on the float and stop when the needle stops lowering. 


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