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Twin Turbo Charging a 400 Pontiac

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Hi there everyone.  I am a noobie to the TransAm Country Forum but I have been a die hard Pontiac guy for 20 years.  

I think before I introduce myself I might ought to list the pontiacs I have owned.  

69 Firebird 350
67 GTO 400/400
69 GTO Judge RAIII 4spd
70 1/2 Trans Am RAIII /TH400

and currently I am in the process of building a 67 Firebird that was originally a 326 2bbl 4spd, ac, ps, fdrs, ht, rg, silverglaze metalic, vinyl top, deluxe int, car.

When I got the car it had a 670 Headed 67 400 that turned out to be out of a 4spd GTO.  

While I like the purist type I had to be true to my roots and build the fastest thing on the street I could build.  

My 70 TA had a 60 over 455 with 12 casting heads and a Crower Solid Cam, Modified Torker, 12.2-1 comp, 73 SD Rods, Nodular Crank, TH400 FMVB, and a 12 bolt w/ 4.10's.  It ran 11.70 at 118 thru mufflers with 1.70 60 foot times.  That was in 1988.

Fast forward 19 years and I have the 67 and a 400 and new technology.  I have a buddy that donated two Garrett T3/4 turbos off a Buick GN and a few old parts laying around.  

I am going to build a 400 .030 twin turboed pontiac with port fuel injection managed by a Megasquirt II computer and a torker intake with a Ford Powerstroke Diesel Intercooler to cool the charge.

It should put out a max boost of 15 lbs on pump gas.  That should equate to about 800+hp with a mild engine combo.  I am going to run crower rods but I will probably start out with the stock rods and ARP bolts and less boost to see how it goes.  

I have a th400 and a 9" Ford rear that is a bolt in swap with a 3.00 gear.  It should look pretty tame from the road.

I know it is not a second gen TA but what do you think?  Am I nuts?

Yeah, you're nuts.......you'll fit right in here at TAC. :wink:  Welcome aboard. Sounds like a very neat project you've got going there. You'll have to post some pics when you get a chance. :D

Definately nuts, but make sure you post up plenty of pics as you progress, this sounds like a very interesting project

Thanks,  Currently I have the body of the frame and am going to be repairing some much need cancer of the birds metal.  Vinyl top cars don't like sitting out in the rain for 20 years even in Texas.    I have some pics of the bird (all torn apart) but I am going to try to submit a few to look at.  Warning, it is pretty rusty around the windows.

OK, any suggestions on how to get pics into a thread?


Ok, Now I know I have to upload my pics to a server and link it.  I am going to have to find a server to upload them to. I have them on yahoo but that won't work.  

I'll get them up hopefully by tomorrow.



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