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hey everyone, im having a problem finding tires for my 1980 formula.the tire size is 225/70-15 and all the tires i have found look like truck tires! does anyone know of an affordable summer tire for these Rallye II rims that they can recommend? something with an aggressive tread would be nice. what do you guys run on your Rallye rims? thanks in advance! Dean

BF Goodrich lists a P225/70R15 tire on their site.  It makes 762 revolutions per mile.  I have a set of BFG P255/60R15s on my TA with 15 X 8 Rally IIs.  They make 768 revolutions per mile, which is essentially the same as the stock tire size you had on yours.  Be sure that you are looking at passenger tires and not light truck tires -- many shops don't really pay attention to that anymore.  The ones I have look good on my rims, but they will look "fatter" on yours if you only have the stock 7" wide rims.  They will fit without interference, though.

225-70-15's are the original size. They may seem tall to you, but that's what they were. Are you sure you haven't been looking at 225-75's, or even 235-70's? Those would be even taller.

The most popular tire for these cars seems to be the BF Goodrich Radial TA. Another good tire is the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500, which I like a little better due to better handling and grip. These are raised white letter tires. You can get either brand in the 225-70-15 size. Many people go for a wider tire though and use a 255-60-15. The reason for that choice is that it is wider, but still the same diameter as the 225-70's, so the car still sits at original height.

If you'd like to lower it about 1/2", you could get 245-60-15's. It's wider than the original size, and about 1/2" shorter. You can get the BFG Radial TA in this size, but sadly, not in the Firehawk.

I don't know of any particularly aggressive tread in 15" tires in the size ranges that you'd need for your car. You don't really get those fancy treads until you go bigger than 15".

You can special order them through any SEARS automotive store.  Takes 3-5 days.  Or any tire store if you perfer.  I run a SEARS auto.

im 99% sure that i have the 8 inch wide rims, you think the other sizes will work beter? as far as handling and such?


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