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AC Delco New GM compressor, how much oil?


Maryland Bandit:
I won a brand new GM AC compressor off ebay back in October. It came from Year One sealed in the box. I hung it on the car and am going to do the evac/ recharge this Friday. I have a note in to Year One already but figured I would ask here, do they come shipped with oil, and how many ounces? The complete system takes 10 oz total. We're going with R-12 since thats availible. Yea, I shoulda cracked the port on the side and drained the compressor and measured, but I forgot. Theres NO way I'm fighting that 40 pound turd on and off again to do that. Just wondered if any of you guys knew about the oil. Thanks in advance.

I dont have a Ac Delco, but when I installed the Harrison A6, I took off the sealed plate where the hoses mount and it blew compressed air and oil, all over me and the engine. It just kind of drizzed out after that, so I wouldnt say much.

Maryland Bandit:
The sealed plate is still on the back of mine. Don't want to crack that until Friday, same with the reconditioned drier I had done, still in a sealed bag. Going to blow out the condensor and evaporator core lines with AC flush and then a LOT of compressed air first. Then, install the drier, new O rings all around, the orifice tube and hook up the lines. Bleed down the system for a good 45 minutes vacuum. Then, hope for the best on the recharge. I have a quart of brand new R12 compatable oil here, just wonder how much of the 10 oz. needed is already sitting in that compressor.   

Hey Maryland, if I'm not mistaken, the compressor should be dry if it's still in the box. All the ones I've seen had instructions that said to add the oil and then manually rotate the pulley by hand to ensure all the internal o-rings are lubed that way you won't have any issues at start-up. As far as how much oil, I don't quite remember. Sorry.               James

Maryland Bandit:
Thanks, I can add oil to the drier, and the back of the compressor in the suction port. The 79 T/A takes 10 oz. of oil total in the system.


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