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Muddy oil


I haven't ran the motor for a while. when I checked the oil it smelled like gas. strong gas. but the oil  was muddy to. the radiator is full of antifreeze. and wasn't low on water. and was  I wondering if gas in the oil would make it change color. the color was more of a light silver muddy grey color..

Oil will absorbe water just by sitting in the oil pan. That can change the color.

A mechanical fuel pump could crack causing gas to get into the crank case.

Clint S:
Did the car sat outside or inside.   Oil does gather some condensation with a car that just sits around, but I have never seen it get bad enough to change color when it sits inside,  if it sat outside and water got in the carb that could cause it.  As far as the fuel pump gas will usually thin the oil out but not change its color too much, might make it a little lighter.  Muddy oil is usually from a bad head gasket or water intrusion from an outside source.

I cracked open an engine that sat outside in car for years.  Got a light brown chocolate-milk oil to come out. 


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