Author Topic: Trouble with a TAC Sponsor? Please Read!!!!!  (Read 3649 times)


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Trouble with a TAC Sponsor? Please Read!!!!!
« on: September 18, 2008, 09:05:38 AM »
You're reading this for the first time, yet you don't see the dozens of times I've rewritten this over and over again.  The conclusion I came to is that there is no right way to say this, so I'm going to put this out there in a way that hopefully covers everything.  Since TAC's first day online in March of 2002 it has existed for one thing and one thing only.  To positively impact the cars we love and their owners.  TAC has always been available to anyone free of charge and that is thanks in part to the Sponsors.  For the most part TAC has always had great sponsors and we still do, but bad experiences do happen.  I don’t want anyone on TAC to feel they cannot do anything for the sake of TACs relationship with its Sponsors.  With that said here is the official TAC response to that.

If you have a negative experience with a TAC sponsor I implore you to contact the sponsor immediately when you’re not happy with the part or service you have received.  They cannot make it right if they do not know about it.  I would encourage you to use several methods to ensure the message gets through.  (ie….phone, email, certified mail, etc…) You may have to wait for a response, but I ask that you give it a fair amount of time and that amount of time can only be determined by you.

 If no response is received then please contact me or any of the other TAC moderators.  We will get together and contact the sponsor on your behalf.  That does not mean we can resolve the situation, but we will ask for an explanation or reason for the service or support you received.  That in most cases is enough to get the situation worked out.  I’m happy to say that I haven’t had to do this many times.  We will then contact you back and tell you if our actions have made a difference or not.

If there is no response to yourself or TAC then I invite you to publicly state your case openly on the TAC forum.  I never want TAC to propagate an issue by doing nothing or having the sponsor’s banner in rotation and possibly allowing another person to enter into the same situation.  When public notification is the only method you have left then please use the following guidelines in how to state your case. 

Use the Sponsor in questions sub-forum to post your message.  If no sub-forum exists then please use the feedback sub-forum.

Only state the facts within your post.  I am liable for any slanderous material on TAC, so keeping to the facts ensures that I don’t get dragged into court.  For example don’t call anyone a liar or a scum bag.  If you state the facts those character flaws will be apparent to all that read your post thoroughly.

When and if a situation is resolved post the outcome as well.  No complaint should ever be taken seriously if the outcome is not presence.  There is so much lost in translation that the outcome is necessary.

In closing never feel you cannot voice your concerns or complaint regarding a TAC sponsor.  Your problem should be their #1 concern.
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Trouble with a TAC Sponsor? Please Read!!!!!
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