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That is actually a great idea...are all the part numbers to order in the sticky? Or do you have them handy? Thanks so much!

For the rotors, I got mine at Rock Auto for $85 shipped a few weeks ago.

For spindles, I have a pair but I’m not trying to sell.  Give Dave a call.  He’ll point you in the right direction.  I would go junkyard picking for you but I have weddings over the next two weekends.  They’re 80’s-90’s B-Body (Buick Roadmaster, Chevy Caprice, etc.).  I believe the Cadillac D-Body is also another interchangeable spindle but not 100% positive.
Second Generation 1970-1981 / Re: OEM brass an copper radiator?
« Last post by airpirate on Today at 12:38:42 PM »
Negative but.  Something that should happen?
Hobbies / Re: Garage Build (Fixed)...I think
« Last post by Nexus on Today at 11:48:27 AM »
Seems to be working now...I think!!
Lobby / Re: Today I...
« Last post by ryeguy2006a on Today at 10:01:45 AM »
Closed the deal and picked up a 1994 Camaro Z28 today (I know, I know not a T/A)  :-P

It is a '1LE' optioned car (1 of 135 made in 1994) so no t-tops, no A/C, manual windows etc.  It spent most of it's early life on tracks like Watkins Glen.

It has the original (and mechanically stock) LT1 engine and T56 Borg Warner 6 speed with 47K.  Mods include Hurst competition shifter, Koni Yellow DA shocks/struts, Global West adjustable torque tube, Hotchkis control arms, Hotchkis strut tower brace, Hotchkis panhard bar, Eibach lowering springs, Torsen T2 differential, 4.10 rear axle ratio, 4 point roll bar, drive shaft loop, cold air intake, Hypertech power tuner, rev limiter and exhaust cutout.  It's fitted with 17x9 'SS' wheels but it came with the stock 16x8's as well.  The car came with a ton of documentation including the original race decals, track times etc.

It's pretty clean for a track car, but not perfect.  There are a few areas and things I'll need to address, but so far I'm loving it :D

Very nice car! I had a 1994 V6 5 speed back in College. Do you live near Watkins Glen? I'm about 45 mins from the track towards Binghamton.
Tires, Brakes & Suspension / Re: New stock front brake upgrade parts
« Last post by yellow1098 on Today at 09:55:48 AM »
That is actually a great idea...are all the part numbers to order in the sticky? Or do you have them handy? Thanks so much!
I am going to be going with the PTFB big brake kit eventually when the funds until then...I will go with the Hawk pads....the only issue is I think my rotors and calipers have had it... so I just wanted some solid stock replacements until then so my stock system can be fully functional...thanks everyone!

Are you sure you don’t want to do the 1LE rotor upgrade? 

Since you’re installing Dave’s Suspension, you’re already going to have the spindles off the car and as mentioned, you need rotors as it is.  All you need is a pair of B-Body spindles at this point.  It would probably be around $100 to get a pair shipped.  You can keep your stock spindles, clean them up nice and put Dave’s AX kit on fully assembled when you’re ready.

Just an idea...
Electrical / Re: Oil sending unit 403
« Last post by skip99 on Today at 08:52:36 AM »
You gave up after just one purchase? I ended up with about 12 of the things. Several were guesses, several more were confirmed by sellers to be the measurements I requested, which makes it worse since they lied to make a sale and knew I was prepared to pay much more and wait several weeks. Each sender had a similar price for shipping. It didn't matter if it was NOS in a dusty box or from a Corvette resto place, they were all the same, only change was with or without the 'nut' on the end. But those without still had the extension to similar length, all too long, all to large in diameter. It takes a long time to try and resell many of those on ebay at a fraction of what they cost.
Yes, I did! I learned from your mistakes, well, not yours, but , I had more than one actually measure and they were all wrong,
Exterior / Re: Repairing '79 front noses/bumpers
« Last post by skip99 on Today at 08:46:11 AM »
As part of my resto, we tried restoring the old bumper cover. Flex paint, stretch filler, you name it. It's not worth it anymore. In 6 months time, left in the sun, the flex paint will not last. The bumper get's very soft even after only one day out in the sun. So I opted for fibreglass bumpers, which should solve the problem.
Who has the best price on glass bumpers?
Trans Am Nationals / Re: Two months away- Who's Ready & Who's Not?
« Last post by Dreamn2 on Today at 08:36:41 AM »
Uh Oh, didn't line up the stems.... :lol: Just kidding, they look great!
First Generation 1967-1969 / Re: 69 TA
« Last post by jmb36TA on Today at 08:20:38 AM »
It's been a good productive weekend with the rebuild. Everything was going smoothly till last night when I measured for the push rods. Looks like the studs are too short and the measurement is coming out about 1/2" too long. I tried 2 different ways to figure out the rocker geometry and they're both not coming out right. I have to figure this out with my machinist. Besides that the only other issue was a broken thrust plate bolt. Right now everything looks good and the engine turns nice and smooth. It's almost ready for paint.

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