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Exterior / se pin stripes
« Last post by junkyard on Today at 07:25:13 AM »
 down the middle of the trunk I would like to know how far apart the pin stripes. if someone has a prime example that could measure for me. thanks guys.
Lobby / Re: Funny
« Last post by DeCaff2007 on Today at 06:24:35 AM »
I just thought of something.  So, since my mouth is like that on a regular basis, I guess I fit right in lol.
Lobby / Re: Today I...
« Last post by DeCaff2007 on Today at 06:22:10 AM »
Northern Ontario, just outside of Sudbury to the west called Whitefish

Canada of course

I see.  Just how do you all deal with the cold? 
If it still has it and operates, it doesn't need doing at all. If it isn't taking out the humidity the perhaps the drier is due for renewal since it's a service part. If your aircon isn't cold or won't even turn on, clutch won't engage, it could be an electrical issue or simply leaked so the pressure is too low to operate and triggered the pressure switches. There's no minimum period, if it needs it, charge it, but finding leaks makes it cheaper.

 Do you have symptoms with a Firebird or just spamming us?
Interior / Re: Weather Seal Channels A and B billar
« Last post by Aus78Formula on Today at 04:48:20 AM »
Of course, it's not a T-top thing, but any Firebird thing, to hold the seals. Of course, making them harder against the glass may not be ideal but start there and adjust the glass to it.
Lobby / Re: Today I...
« Last post by Nexus on Today at 04:25:08 AM »
Northern Ontario, just outside of Sudbury to the west called Whitefish

Canada of course
I checked but it's not really possible
I checked 3 times everything, me and 2 skilled technicians,  and I'm really concerned, I don't find anything wrong istalled
I would be happy to swap simply side by side, easy fix, but this is not the case.
In other words the lower arm coil spring pocket is NOT center to the upper frame coil spring pocket, it's about 1" rearward
the coil spring is absolutely sitting correctly both up and down
thank you
I hope in Dave  to step in  :-D
Projects & Restorations / Re: 1970 RAIII Restoration
« Last post by jonathonar89 on Today at 12:52:53 AM »
Engine looking good.  Glad to hear some good news on the distributor.
Hard to tell but do you somehow have the control arms on the wrong side?  Also, make sure you have the spring sitting correctly in the upper frame pocket.
Interior / Re: Gold dash bezel
« Last post by Pontiac_SE on Today at 12:47:28 AM »
Thanks! I will try that.
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