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Good job going with the 862 heads.  Compression with boost your power and getting that setup ported will yield flow comparable to the “better” cathedral heads.  I wanted to go that route myself but the 799 heads just fell into place for me.  The guy building my engine said he would sell me a set rebuilt for $400 since I referred him to some good priced aluminum block engines in our area.

I’m working on a LS1 build myself.  Got some 799 heads in a junkyard off a 5.3 trailblazer, SDPC LS6 Power Max Plus cam, Comp Cams LS6+ valve springs, CHE trunnion upgrade, Holley 4150 efi intake, pistons/rods from my previously failed build, bunch of oiling upgrades, etc.

I am keeping the 799/243 heads in mind if I don't like the 862's, or if I have any issues with the rebuilding. They're still soaking in de-greaser until I can get out to the garage and finish cleaning them up. (waiting on a new spring compression tool for final teardown). I had more than a few folks mention the BTR stage II, and I ran across an LS swap car at a show with a similar set up and the owner was really happy so I had enough to decide and pull the trigger. Half the stuff is still pending delivery. 

I'm also trying to decide if the trunnion replacement is the way to go or search out some adjustable roller rockers. If I go for the trunnion upgrade I'll "need" to buy some more tools, lol. (I've been wanting a bench press)

What kind of oil upgrades are you planning?
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Just completed this project. I can confirm that the Thornton manifolds work with the Olds 68-72 downpipes fed into a Pypes X pipe dual exhaust.  Pypes DOF 10S downpipe and 350JR manifolds. Just had to trim the length of the downpipe into the X pipe.
Electrical / Re: 79 TA won’t crank - Bat & starter good
« Last post by 79 Moneypit on Today at 12:31:33 PM »
My 79 has 2 fusible links.  Both connect from red wires in the harness to the batt post on the solenoid.  The purple connects to the "S" terminal on the solenoid.  This is the wire which engages the starter.  If either fusible link is open (bad) it can cause a no-crank or crank/no-start condition.
Still have a few things to work out: trying to decide if a double roller timing set is worth the money

From my understanding it isn't worth the effort. You need to shim the oil pump, clearance the timing cover, and modify the oil pickup. People are making crazy power with the LS2 timing chaings, or upgrading to the Katech C5R chains.

Thanks, Ryan. I wasn't aware of the clearance of the timing chain cover. That alone is enough for me to stick with the LS2 set.
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Lugnuts,  did you get the hedman or Thornton shorties?

install yet?
I got the Thornton shorties. Not installed yet, these will be going on my new motor once its built. Also need to pull the old motor and clean up the engine bay. I hope to have them installed in January. I will make a video of the install and give feedback on how easy/hard it is.

Sorry to post to such an old thread, but wanted to see if you ever finished this and can provide any more information on your install?  I'm thinking about the thorton manifolds, and if I'm reading correctly, the 68-72 olds downpipes posted by Grand73Am will work ok?  Thanks guys, love the information on this forum.
Lobby / Re: A 25+ year wait is nearing an end.. My story...
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Cool!  Looking forward to seeing it finished.
Lobby / Re: I'm Back
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Welcome back to TAC!  I can't see the pics either.
Second Generation 1970-1981 / Re: 1979 Y84 T-top delete numbers?
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79 appears to be the only year they didn't count the hardtop special editions.  Every other year has a breakdown that includes that if you presume the 1978 total of zero is correct.  Those published numbers that you see everywhere were counted by Pontiac, i guess.  I guess they took data on what they were selling so they would know what they should do next year.

it's possible somebody will eventually come up with believable info.  I have not heard of that, though. 
Lobby / Re: I'm Back
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Welcome back!!!
Mechanical / Re: 1980 Trans Am (Exhaust Headers Question)
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Glad Ivread this...I was literally just talking to my pa about getting headers but if it's not worth the effort then maybe I'll pass on it. I was going for a cool acoustic sound over HP as it's going on my 301!!
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