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Exterior / Re: Solid body bushing alignment
« Last post by NOT A TA on Today at 06:47:53 AM »
The bolts don't necessarily have to end up centered perfectly on the bushings. If the sub frame is where you want it tighten them up and you're done.
Mechanical / Re: Where to mount racing tach
« Last post by 70RAIV455 on Today at 06:45:43 AM »
A Pillar mount would block your Pheriphill side vision.
Need to see all around the glass just like Road Racing.
Mechanical / Re: 500557 Block Failure
« Last post by LeighP on Today at 06:38:37 AM »
A 73 casting should be fine.
As for pics.....we can't host them her, you'll have to use a photo hosting site like Flickr and then link the picture into the post here....there are a few sites out there that host pics for free.
Z cars were always great. I wouldn't mind having one today. It would have to be a 240 or 260 though. Even an early 280 would be nice. One of our band instructors in high school saved for years and finally bought a new one around 1980 or so. Bronze/cinnamon colour. It was pretty sharp. Another of my buddies on the football team had a 240 hand me down from his mother. Occasionally he would take me home from practice and really hammer that thing.
Projects & Restorations / Re: 1979 Trans Am Restoration - South Africa
« Last post by LeighP on Today at 06:34:36 AM »
You going to give any of the daggy welds a touch up with a grinder before you paint?
Lobby / Re: One Less TATA in the World!
« Last post by roadking77 on Today at 06:33:19 AM »
Sorry to hear that Brian, I understand what you went thru. My business model changed dramatically a few years ago. I know all about "corporate greed". But that's a story for another day. As it turns out it seems that I was drastically under insured. If things work out I will be lucky with .15 on the $1. I did have 2 policies though and I may be able to recoup the loss on my car stuff and car tools through my homeowners policy. I am preparing inventory right now in prep for a claim. Unfortunately the car is a loss with no recovery on it as it is a "motor vehicle". Not sure how that is though because there was no drivetrain. I will argue that it is one big car part but I know how far that will go. Bad part is this thing had ZERO rust. Solid as the day it was put together. That was the big reason I decided to take it on as project to begin with.
Projects & Restorations / Re: Project 69 - Requiem for a Firebird Owner
« Last post by LeighP on Today at 06:32:54 AM »
Woohoo.....this showed up at the door today....thank you UPS.

American Autowire full harness kit.

IMG_1008 by Leigh Peddell, on Flickr

IMG_1010 by Leigh Peddell, on Flickr
Mechanical / Re: Where to mount racing tach
« Last post by Jack on Today at 06:26:06 AM »
A pillar.
I voted.
just curious what people are interested in and to plan accordingly
Do another straw poll Lonewolf.
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