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Lobby / Re: Today I...
« Last post by Box on Today at 03:57:42 PM »
Can't be too good for rolling in that state. :P  So are you going to the 3rd and 4th gen wheel diameter of 25.66" or staying with the second gen diameter of 27.4"?  I noticed these days you could do 18's with a 27-28" tire having a good selection, I don't recall seeing very many 27" tall tires for a 17 though.  I think that'd be the way to go if modernizing, helps keep the wheel wells filled and you wouldn't have to re-calibrate the speedometer.
Lobby / Re: my car how do I post pics?
« Last post by FormTA on Today at 03:52:51 PM »
You have to find the BB code. It looks like [img] http: bunch of letters numbers [IMG].

Mechanical / Holley sniper Efi install
« Last post by djustice on Today at 03:49:31 PM »
I got the master kit, and a i got a garage spot for the easter to work in. but first i had to do a waterpump change since it was rattling and knocking real bad from the bearing in the pump.

as i needed to drain the coolant, this was an exellent time to mount the temp sensor for the sniper in the intake manifold

also did the waterpump mod at this time, knocking down the dividerplate to 0.100" clerance from the impeller before i attempted to drive the car.
Well over to my friends garage on Thursday i got to work dropping the tank
and filling it with water before drilling a hole for the returnline fitting

  i am hyper nervous about gas fumes igniting, so i took the hassel with cleaning out all the water out of the tank, it looked real good inside, no rust and all shiny inside almost looked anodized (probably galvanized or something) and i noticed the fuel sock on the pickup unit had broken off, i flushed it out with the water, bummer...  not having anything remotley looking like a fuel sock on any of the warehoses and automotive supply stores i went to on saturday, i fabbed up one made out of a fine mesh kitchen strainer, like this:

 paking it into a tube, and clamping it shut and using a hoseclamp to clamp it to the pickup tube (i know this is Roadkill-ish) but i have to have the car out of the garage by monday.
I removed the whole length of the stock fuel lines , supply and return

I replaced them with 3/8 inch earls efi vaporguard supply, and returnline black braided 3/8" gasolin and Ethanol safe 500 psi rated AN6 hose in the stock location.


now i have the pypes 2 1/2" dual exhaust system on my car, and the exhaust kind of wraps around the gas tank before it exits the rear, and the stock steel line that comes from the sendingunit is 0,5 " from the exhaust , at this very point , i did use reflective fiberglass shielding on the fuel lines here, but i am still not comfortable with this as the line is almost pinched between the exhust and gas tank. no pictures of this as of yet.

I also removed the fuel pump and installed a blockoff plate

O2 sensor installed, i had the foresigth tp ordered collector reducers for my headers with o2 bungs already installed i orderd 2 so i could choose what side to install the sensor in, good thing i did as i stripped the plug in one of the collectors trying to get it out, even though i installed the plug with anti-size on it.

and the most important thing

I did 8 hour days on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, getting this done, Late saturday i was ready to key on and see if i had sucsess or not, hanheld booted up, i run the wizard choosing every thing, and push finish, then an error message file not found or sometting in that nature. I take the SD-card out of the handheld and ask the friend i am borrowing the garage of to lend me a laptop with with an SD card reader, and download the latest SD-card contents of holleys website, go back in the garage and try again, start the wizard and, 1x errormessage flashes over the screen, imidiatley followed by config saved sucsessfully, cycle key to complete, i was a little confused by this , but on key on, the fuelpump primed, and on key crank position the car instantly fired up, i have never had the car star up this fast ever, even when hot. incredible! i also tried a few throttle blips and it sounds impressive free reving responsive. And that is where i am at, tomorrow i wil go back and do a few tiding up of wires and insulation of fuel lines, and take it of the jackstands and heat it up to 160 degrees F . i will update as i have 1 other issue i notcedi only got 75% TPS if i mashed the pedal to the florboard and stood on it i got 85%. i also forgot to flash the ecu in the throttlebody as the new firmware only updated the handheld screen, i need to go into the hand held an flash the ecu with the new firmware i have on the SD-card
Mechanical / Re: Still tossing around engine choices
« Last post by phil400 on Today at 03:35:49 PM »
If the car is not going to be used in any competition racing why is 500hp needed?
 I think an honest 375-400 hp motor of any type would be more cost effective,  capable of your mpg goal, daily driver reliable and opens more options of sbc,bbc, Pontiac, LS or even a smaller displacement say 3.8 liter with a turbo.
In the end the budget will ultimately decide. Good luck with your build I'm sure we all look forward to following it.

Couldn't agree more since the car is already set up for sbc I'd go 383. Hands down, most cost effective way to go.

That said I run pure Pontiac, 4 speed no OD, Q-jet, have squeezed out 17mpg if I keep my foot out of it, get alittle more when I head south of the border, I'm sure fuel is better there.
Mechanical / Re: Still tossing around engine choices
« Last post by Box on Today at 03:34:25 PM »
I'll throw in the unconventional option, why not a LT-1/4?  It's a direct bolt in for the SBC, because it is one, and then you can get your power and mileage requirements albeit you'd have to stroke it out to a 383 to reach the power level in what most would consider a street-able package.  It already has aluminum heads, a hydraulic roller cam setup, and high compression so it'd be a better starting point than the gen I SBC, and shouldn't be that hard to find one for next to nothing since they don't get the love that the LS does.  The only thing would be doing the wiring and ECU, or you can go carburetor with a MSD box since it's not like that's not been done before either.  I'm all for keeping originality and what not, but it's not like the later second gens didn't come with Chevrolet engines and in '80-81 the best option was the Chevrolet 305 backed by a 4-speed since you could toss the 305 for a 350(383)/400 SBC in a weekend.
Lobby / Re: my car how do I post pics?
« Last post by Father&Son7379T/A on Today at 03:06:40 PM »
Ok downloaded my picks to Flickr, for the life of me I can't figure out how to upload pics on a post here.
Mechanical / Re: Still tossing around engine choices
« Last post by Ryoko on Today at 01:13:47 PM »
Fuel economy is somewhat important to me. The goal is to produce a healthy road trip car. Fetching groceries is not really in its itinerary.
Second Generation 1970-1981 / Re: Power Steering Gearbox, 1981
« Last post by Sheldon on Today at 12:12:59 PM »
That’s the part I ordered, I wonder if they got something mixed up as it has 26 teeth and not 25 like it should.
Lobby / Re: Today I...
« Last post by FormTA on Today at 11:23:52 AM »
Ha, ha. Those are just to roll it around.  17s ready to go when the paint stops flying.
Mechanical / Re: Pontiac 350 Block ONLY Thread
« Last post by EspriTA350 on Today at 10:42:50 AM »
Here's another idea, could be dumb but here it is anyway: would it be fine to use the fel-pro's with the 4" or so bore and o-ring those or fill in the space somehow?
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