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Title: Preventative maintenance
Post by: 76455sd on August 23, 2021, 02:20:53 PM
So my 02 WS6 TA convertible is coming up on its 20th birthday.  I’ve owned for 7 years now.  The car has ~53k miles and it had ~46k when I bought it.  I’ve changed the oil once.  It’s running Mobil1, doesn’t leak anything and the oil looks clean when I check it.  I feel like its bodily fluids should all be changed.   Coolant, trans fluid, rear end, blinker fluid, etc.   what’s your opinion on these little used cars that are babied and kept under wraps the majority of the time?  I was also going to change plugs and wires on the stock LS1.   Anything else? I appreciate your opinions.
Title: Re: Preventative maintenance
Post by: 5th T/A on August 23, 2021, 05:06:41 PM
I would go with what the owners manual says.

For sure I would change the engine oil and filter.

I would also change the engine coolant. If radiator and heater hoses are original I would change those at the same time.

Brake fluid should be flushed as it is absorbs moisture and can cause rust in the steel lines, brake calipers and master cylinder. Any brake rubber lines/hoses should also be replaced if they are 20 years old.

Auto trans or manual trans fluid is probably OK. Unless auto trans fluid is no longer bright clear red or smells burnt. I don't think you need to do anything with the differential oil either other than check the level.

How old are the tires? If ten years or older they should be replaced.
Title: Re: Preventative maintenance
Post by: 76455sd on August 23, 2021, 09:14:02 PM
5th thanks for the reply.  Everything you said makes great sense.  FYI I just put a full set of new Goodrich G-force comp 2 a/s tires on because I didn’t know how old the previous tires were.

Title: Re: Preventative maintenance
Post by: 024mula on August 26, 2021, 06:29:32 AM
I was thinking the same thing, I own a 2002 Formula and was thinging about changing all the fluids when it turns 20.

blinker fluid

But for the life of me I can't find the blinker fluid   :???: